Knee Pain Relief


How can you deal with chronic knee pain?

Knees in general have to endure a great deal of stress throughout a lifetime.  Mobility demands that the knees bend, walk, run and do just about anything that is asked of them and so because of that they can become the most injury prone joints within the body. The knee is an important weight bearing joint which leaves it prone to such injuries because of the physical make up of it.  It is a vulnerable joint with many of its components easily exposed to damage.  The risks for knee pain include aging, athletic activities and injury.

Knee pain can be either chronic or acute.  When looking to care for knee pain it is important to know what type of pain you have.  Acute pain which is pain that has appeared suddenly and has not accumulated over time can be caused by sudden injury or infection.  Chronic knee pain can also be caused by an injury as the joint and muscles could have been damaged through trauma but for the majority of knee pain amongst patient’s inflammation can be the culprit caused by arthritis especially in the aged.

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Most people who suffer with any kind of knee pain are inclined to reach for the over the counter analgesics such as Tylenol Muscle aches and Body Pain. But there are also a number of non-medicinal treatments which could also provide relief.  If the knee joint pain is related to arthritis then a comfortable orthotic insert for your shoe maybe the answer. When choosing which shoes to wear if you have arthritis you will need a pair that will take the stress off the knee joint therefore relieving the pressure that can easily compound the damage.  Lateral wedged insoles can also be purchased and worn inside your shoes.  These type of insoles can actually be customized for individual needs.  A lateral wedge insole similar to an orthotic insert alter the way the knee moves during walking and physical activities.  These insoles reduce the twisting of the knee and are worn by many people including those who have osteoarthritis.   Arch supports can also help towards controlling knee pain as they work similar to the lateral wedge support sole.  However, arch supports may not be the best remedy for everyone who has arthritis in the knees and in fact could for some cause more damage.  Arch supports can be prescribed by a doctor so before entering this arena have your condition fully checked out by a professional and find out what kind of insert or wedge could help your condition.

Other forms of treatment on the market include knee braces of all sorts of shapes and varieties.  All knee braces can offer support for a number of knee issues which is the correct one for you will depend on the condition of your knee and for what ailment you have because a lot of them actually fit to the knee in different ways offering different types of support.  Braces in general are manufactured according to support level, condition, style and manufacture.

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